Политика конфиденциальности







1.1. The most important condition of realization of the purposes of activity of LLC "AQUA ALLIANCE", PSRN 7716806370 (further AQUA ALLIANCE or the Operator) is ensuring necessary and sufficient level of information security of information to which, including, personal data belongs.
1.2. The policy for processing of personal data in LLC "AQUA ALLIANCE"(further – Situation) defines an order of collecting, storage, transfer and other types of processing of personal data in LLC AQUA ALLIANCE (further AQUA ALLIANCE or the Operator) and also data on the realized requirements to protection of personal data.
1.3. The policy is developed according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation.



2.1. The data making personal data is any information relating to directly or indirectly to the defined or defined natural person (the subject of personal data). The detailed list of personal data is fixed in local standard documentation of AQUA ALLIANCE.
2.2. All personal data processed by AQUA ALLIANCE is the confidential, strictly protected information according to the legislation.



3.1. Personal data is processed by AQUA ALLIANCE for registration of labor and other contractual relations, personnel, accounting, tax accounting, for the bases provided by Art. 22 of the Federal law from 6/27/2006 No. 152-FZ, 85-90 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation and also for the organization and carrying out AQUA ALLIANCE, (including with involvement of the third parties) programs of loyalty, marketing and/or advertizing campaigns, researches, polls and other actions; executions of AQUA ALLIANCE of obligations within contracts of retail purchase and sale of goods/contracts of the deliveries / contracts for performance of work (rendering services) signed by AQUA ALLIANCE including by means of the website - www.aqua-visor.com; rendering other services to subjects of personal data; advances of services and/or goods of AQUA ALLIANCE and/or partners of Ltd company AQUA ALLIANCE in the market by implementation of direct contacts with clients of Ltd company AQUA ALLIANCE by means of various means of communication, including, without being limited, by phone, e-mail, a mailing group, on the Internet, etc.; in other purposes if actions of Ltd company AQUA ALLIANCE don't contradict the current legislation. At registration on the Website the User provides the following information: Surname and/or Name and/or Middle name (in the presence), contact phone number and/or e-mail address.
When using the Website the User, provides an inforamtion about the behavior, the place of work and a post; user data (data on location; type and version of OS; type and version of the Browser; type of an ustroistvo and resolution of his screen; a source from where the user has come on сайт; from what sait or on what ̆ to advertizing; OS language and Browser; what pages opens and what buttons are pressed by the user; IP address.
Providing the personal data to the Operator, the Visitor the Website/user/buyer agrees to their processing by the Operator, including for performance by the Operator of obligations to the Visitor by the Website/user/buyer within the concluded/executed contracts, advance by the Operator of goods and services, carrying out electronic and the SMS of polls, control of results of marketing actions, client support, the organization of delivery of goods to Buyers, holding draws of prizes among Visitors of Websites/users / Buyers, control of satisfaction of the Visitor of the Website/user/buyer and also quality of the services rendered by the Operator and also for processing of the entering inquiries of natural persons and/or legal entities with 
целью rendering consultation; analysts of a deistviya ̆ the natural person on a web saite and functioning website;
Putting down ssotvetstvuyushchy "Tick" and pressing on the website the Send the Order button, the User/buyer, working freely, with the will and in the interest and also confirming the capacity, gives the informed consent to the Operator on processing of the personal data, in compliance (the specified personal data, the specified ways, and during the specified term, etc.) with conditions of the real Policy on processing of personal data in AQUA ALLIANCE.
Workers give the informed consent to the Operator on processing of the personal data, according to the real Policy on processing of personal data in AQUA ALLIANCE, by signing of the contract and acquaintance with the real policy.
3.2. AQUA ALLIANCE for appropriate execution of the obligations of Operator processes the following personal data necessary for appropriate execution of contractual obligations:
• personal data of the employees of Operator consisting in the labor relations with the Operator;
• personal data of other natural persons (including workers of contractors of the Operator), including, but without being limited, consisting in the contractual, civil relations with the Operator, including, but without being limited, buyers, candidates on replacement of vacancies, etc.



4.1. The processing of personal data which is carried out without use of the automation equipment is carried out so that concerning each category of personal data it was possible to define places of storage of personal data (material carriers). The operator has established the list of the persons which are carrying out processing of personal data or having to them access. Separate storage of personal data (material carriers) which processing is carried out in various purposes is provided. The operator ensures safety of personal data and takes the measures excluding unauthorized access to personal data.
4.2. The processing of personal data which is carried out with use of the automation equipment is carried out on condition of performance of the following actions: The operator holds the technical events directed to prevention of unauthorized access to personal data and (or) transfers to their persons who don't have access rights to such information; protective tools are ready for timely detection of the facts of unauthorized access to personal data; technical means of the automated processing of personal data are isolated for prevention of impact on them as a result of which their functioning can be broken; The Operator makes backup of data to have a possibility of immediate restoration of the personal data modified or destroyed owing to unauthorized access to them; exercises constant control behind ensuring level of security of personal data.
4.3. Processing of personal data is understood as any action (operation) or set of actions (operations) made with use of the automation equipment or without use of such means with personal data, including collecting, record, systematization, accumulation, storage, specification (updating, change) extraction, use, transfer (including transfer to the third parties, not excepting cross-border transfer if need for her has arisen in course of execution of obligations), depersonalization, blocking, removal, destruction of personal data. 

4.4. The operator has the right to send information, including advertizing messages, to e-mail and the mobile phone of the User/buyer from his consent expressed by means of commission to them the actions which are unambiguously identifying this User / Buyer and allowing to establish authentically his will on obtaining the message. Will on obtaining messages is considered this, after implementation by the User/buyer of actions for registration on the website and entering of the relevant information into the fields of a form for registration. The user/buyer has the right to refuse obtaining advertizing and other information without explanation of refusal by informing the Operator, by means of the direction of the corresponding application for the e-mail address of the Seller: Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

the Service messages informing the User/buyer on the order and stages of its processing can automatically go and can't be rejected by the User/buyer.
4.5. The operator has the right to use cookies technology. "Cookies" do not contain confidential information. The visitor / User / Buyer agrees to collection, the analysis and use of cookies present, including the third parties for the purposes of formation of statistics and optimization of advertizing messages. 4.6. The operator can obtain information on the visitor Sayt's IP address. This information is not used for identification of the visitor.
4.7. The operator has the right to realize records of telephone conversations with the User/buyer. At the same time the Operator promises: to prevent attempts of illegal access to information obtained during telephone negotiations and/or transmission to her third parties who do not have a direct bearing on execution of Orders according to item 4 of Art. 16 of the Federal law "About Information, Information Technologies and on Information Security".



5.1. The operator holds the following events: defines threats to security of personal data at their processing, forms models of threats on their basis; carries out development on the basis of model of threats of system of the protection of personal data providing neutralization of alleged threats with use of methods and ways of protection of the personal data provided for the corresponding class of information systems; forms the plan of conducting checks of readiness of new means of information protection for use with drawing up the conclusions about a possibility of their operation; carries out installation and commissioning of means of information protection according to operational and technical documentation; provides training of the persons using the means of information protection applied in information systems, to rules of work with them; carries out the accounting of the applied means of information protection, operational and technical documentation to them, carriers of personal data; carries out the accounting of the persons allowed to work with personal data in an information system; exercises control of observance of conditions of use of the means of information protection provided by operational and technical documentation; has the right to initiate trial and drawing up the conclusions on the facts of non-compliance with storage conditions of carriers of personal data, uses of means of information protection which can lead to the violation of confidentiality of personal data or other violations leading to decrease in level of security of personal data, development and taking measures to prevention of possible dangerous consequences of similar violations; has descriptions of system of protection of personal data.
5.2. Persons whose access to the personal data processed in an information system is necessary for performance of official (labor) duties are allowed to the relevant personal data on the basis of the list approved by the Operator. Requests of users of an information system for receiving personal data and also the facts of granting personal data by these inquiries are registered the automated means of an information system in the online magazine of addresses. The contents of the online magazine of addresses are periodically checked by the corresponding officials (workers) of the Operator or the authorized officer. At detection of violations of an order of granting personal data the Operator or the authorized officer immediately stop granting personal data to users of an information system before identification of the reasons of violations and elimination of these reasons.



6.1. AQUA ALLIANCE as the Operator of personal data has the right:
• to advocate the interests in court;
• to provide personal data of subjects to the third parties if it is provided by the current legislation (tax, law enforcement agencies, etc.);
• to refuse granting personal data in the cases provided by the legislation;
• to use personal data of the subject without his consent, in the cases provided by the legislation.



7.1. The subject of personal data has the right:
• to demand specification of the personal data, their blocking or destruction in case personal data is incomplete, outdated, doubtful, illegally received or aren't necessary for a stated purpose of processing and also to take the measures for protection of the rights provided by the law;
• to demand the list of the personal data processed by the Operator and a source of their receiving;
• to obtain information on terms of processing of the personal data, including on terms of their storage;
• to demand the notice of all persons to which incorrect or his incomplete personal data, has been reported about all exceptions made in them, corrections or additions earlier;
• to appeal in authorized body on protection of the rights of subjects of personal data or in a judicial proceeding against illegal actions or inaction when processing his personal data;
• on protection of the rights and legitimate interests, including on indemnification and (or) compensation of moral harm in a judicial proceeding.



8.1. The real Policy is subject to change, addition in case of new acts and special normative documents for processing and protection of personal data.
8.2. The real Policy is the internal document of AQUA ALLIANCE, and is subject to placement on the official site of AQUA ALLIANCE.
8.3. Control of execution of requirements of the real Policy is exercised by AQUA ALLIANCE, responsible for safety of personal data.
8.4. Personal data is processed before liquidation of the organization. Also processing of personal data can be stopped at the request of the subject of personal data.
Storage of the personal data recorded on papers is carried out according to the Federal law No. 125-FZ "About archiving in the Russian Federation" and to other standardly legal acts in the field of archiving and archival storage.